Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shield of Faith

Please join me in thanking God for His faithfulness, healing and perfect peace for the Buck family. We have seen God answer prayers, heal relationships and heal physically. Ron came home from the hospital on Friday. He was in the hospital 8 days. Eating was a little scary and rest was difficult but he managed. I never heard him complain. Carolyn, my mother-in-law, was by his side, caring for him, keeping him company and managing quiet during their stay. Many, many friends sent hilarious cards about "doctors visits" so that he had to hold a pillow over his stomach when he laughed.

Ron came home and is doing fantastic. He is walking, eating and getting bored:) We could not have asked for a better recovery. We have shared many meals with him and I am blown away how God has "shown off" with his son, Ron. Prayer really works - it is not coincidence, luck or by chance that Ron is doing so well. He doesn't have a colostomy, he doesn't throw up after eating, he still has all of his stomach, he delights in his grandchildren more than ever and gives God all the credit.

During surgery, Dr. Bodie, removed 26 lymph nodes and had them biopsied. Out of all 26, only one showed signs of cancer. After meeting with an oncologist, he ordered for Ron to go through 6 months of chemo for preventative measures. It will be the pill and IV form of chemo though. I know we prayed no chemo so it seems that God didn't answer our prayers. However, God knows the desires of our heart. He knows that we would rather have Ron experience life to it's fullest - embracing his grand children's children and walking the "senior" years with his wife. The chemo is low doses and should have minimal side effects. We also know God's hand is in this - the original plan was to remove 2 lymph nodes. - if this was done we may not of known until it was too late that cancer was spreading. God's timing is perfect. Have you scheduled a physical yet?

Ron and Carolyn had my children over last night. Katelyn (20 mo) disappeared and when Carolyn found her she was sitting right next to Poppy, leaning on him - loving on him. That is priceless and I say thank you for praying. Ron is an amazing, godly, gentle man who appreciates life and has gathered those he loves so very close. How different things could have been!

On a final note, I wanted to share some news that has blessed me. After our praise session and Ron finished quoting the "Never Let Go Song", Ron opened his eyes and looked directly at me and asked very clearly, "Stacy, are you pregnant?" If you know Ron, if you start talking about "womanly" things he turns red and will leave the room. Mind you he had been out of surgery just 45 min, has spoken blessings over each of his children and looks like he has seen God. So when he asked me this I was a little surprised - "Well, Poppy, I uh, I uh could be I guess...". Ron responded, "Well if you were I would be really really happy."

In August on my 10 year wedding aniv, I miscarried my 3rd child. Following this event I found out very quickly that you can sin in your grief. I have known God as my savior, my friend, my counselor but I had yet to know God as my comforter. As my comforter, He has used the least suspecting people to walk alongside me - hand picked by God to lift my face from the floor to the sky. Grief has subsided, healing has taken place and room has been made for another member of our family. I am not surprised that God used Ron, the "least suspecting" person to speak a blessing over the next member of our family. Ron and Carolyn will be welcoming their 12th grandchild into the world in early January 2009. (An even dozen is better anyways)

Eph 6:16, In every battle you will need FAITH as your SHIELD to stop the fiery arrows aimed at you by Satan.

A "shield of faith" is what we use to defend ourselves in spiritual battles in this life. A "shield of faith" is hiding behind what God has already done in our lives. For example, when Ron and Carolyn look out their kitchen window they see a beautifully landscaped yard that was planted by hands that were not their own. God provided people to show them His love, care and existence. This is their "Shield of Faith" to face the next trial in their life. Their "Shield of Faith" is that God spared Ron's life for a reason - so Ron will hide behind that as he navigates through his life finding and fulfilling God's purpose. Ron's "Shield of Faith" is that God walked with him through cancer, surgery and recovery and HE will walk with him through the days of chemo. What was once ordinary everyday is now extrodanary every day because Ron has his "shield of faith" that life is precious, fragile and ment to be expeirienced with friends and family.

My "shield of faith" regarding this pregnancy is God is my comforter. He knows how to care for my heart better than I ever could. My "shield of faith" is knowing that God is who He says He is -all knowing - and I can rest in that. God is all knowing - He knows this child by name, has a story already written for this "Baby Buck", He even knows that sound of our child's voice even if I never hear it myself. My "shield of faith" is that God is faithful even in grief. My "shield of faith" is knowing that because of sorrow I devour the joy my children bring. Finally, what I know from this experience with Ron is prayer works. So I hide behind my "sheild of faith" believing many of you will pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery of our "Baby Buck" and God will delight in the prayers of His people.

What has God done for you in the past? Scripture tells us that we NEED our "shield of faith" to STOP the fiery arrows aimed at you by Satan.

There is a very real enemy for your life
This enemy steals joy and causes strife
There is a very real God who has plans for you
Stand behind what He has done
Pick up your shield of faith
The enemy is sure to run
Satan may try with all his might-
he'll focus his scope, sharpen his arrows, he's got you in his site
Do not fear
The lamb of God has drawn you near
Peace be with you, Do not fear
For I AM has whispered in your ear
Walk with ME, lay your burdens down
In life you will have trials, surely suffering too
Pick up your shield of faith
God almighty has walked with you.
Fiery arrows will come your way
but this day they did not hit they did not stay
For you recognized God and what He has done along the way.

May God meet you where you are -