Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freedom-A Mother's Gift

For Mother's Day, I told Masie that I wanted to go out for breakfast. The idea of my kitchen staying clean through one more meal so appealed to me:) So Masie gave Ryan a sales pitch for me and we ended up at a very crowded Jim's. I devoured my buttermilk pancakes - I forgot how good pancakes taste when you don't have to cook them.

During breakfast we noticed a young beautiful mother, with 3 small little girls. One was in a baby carrier, the other little girl was about two in a darling green gingham dress, and the third little girl was about five who looked just like her mother. This mommy was at Jim's alone on Mother's Day.

Masie and I found the manager and asked if he would give us her ticket. It was time to check out and this little family was leaving at the same time. Masie made a be-line to her and her little chicks and told them that we bought their breakfast and wanted to share her candy with each of the girls. The mother, Monica, was so appreciative. Then she began to cry. She said her husband was in Iraq and it took a lot to be around happy people. I told her that God cares for her and her children and a free breakfast was a small way of showing it. Then we hugged... total strangers in a crowded restaurant with motherhood in common.

Looking back I wish I would have gotten her number. I can't get her and her babies out of my mind. How many other mom's were alone and even un-celebrated on Sunday? The rest of the day I spent praying for God to encourage and strengthen Monica as she ministers to each of her children with out a physical hug of affirmation from her husband.

It blows my mind how much freedom really costs and how for granted I take it. Monica was alone at Jim's on my behalf.

The best $20.00 I ever spent
Was on a mommy - she was heaven sent
All alone in a crowded place
This mommy had sadness on her face
Seemingly unnoticed but noticed by God
Was this mommy's longing
For her husband's hand...
His hand to hold, his hand to kiss
His hands were deeply missed.
The best $20.00 I ever spent
Was on a mommy -she was heaven sent
She doesn't know it but maybe she will
That God is so proud of her - sitting alone
So strong for her girls but longing for home
She doesn't know it but maybe she will
That God surrounds her and dances for this Mommy still.
This mommy danced even with rain
She danced for her children in the middle of her own pain
How heaven delights in motherhood,
The cost of freedom so misunderstood
The best $20.00 I ever spent
was to know that being a free American mommy is heaven sent.