Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blogalicious Babes!

Is this blog layout cute I mean blogalicious or what? When my friends Steph and Staci got into fixing up their blogs and discovering the world of HTML I settled in my heart that I would just be behind. It took me ALL day to come up with my old layout and plan - there is no way I could have made my lay out look like a scrapbook page. I told God that I would do my best not to covet their adorable, eye candy blogs and I would embrace the cold fact that I was to write and that is all I have time for. However, God had pity on my self-pity and gave my girlfriends the idea that there were lots of moms like me who have no time and little creativity. They are starting "blogalicious designs" and needed someone to practise on. God is so good because I think my site totally captures who I am, my style and all that I love. Thanks Steph and Staci! If you can't tell I REALLY want you to check out their own blogs to see what they've done. You'll love their creativity and they are both really good have fun! If you need some help starting your own blogalicious blog or need a "consult" about all this techie stuff -these girls are a dynamic duo!