Saturday, September 25, 2010

What is in a name??

My love language is "words of encouragement". In my file cabinet I have a folder labeled ENCOURAGEMENT. It is stuffed full of letters I've collected over the years sent by many of you. When I am feeling down or discouraged, I will open that folder up and instant sunshine fills my life again.

As a mother, I am constantly looking for ways to encourage my children. Discouragement is POWERFUL, especially in the life of a child. At the beginning of Second grade, Masie's teacher gave an assignment for the parents, "What is in a name?". The parents had to write a letter to the child as to why they chose the child's name and what the name means. My goal in this post is to ENCOURAGE you to do the same. Masie has re-read this letter many times and I am confident she will come back to it in years to come. Begin building an "ENCOURAGEMENT" file for each of your children. Collect notes from teachers, friends or document experiences where you have seen your child stand out. Regardless if you have children or not, I dare you to on purpose look for a child/teenager doing something right. Send them a note, give them a pat on the back or whisper in their ear "extraordinary actions make extraordinary people". Let's not just complain about "kids today" but lets find ways to celebrate them.


Dear Mason Kate,

When we chose your name, Mommy and Daddy knew nothing about you. The color of your hair, the sound of your voice or your personality were all mysteries to us. One fall chilly evening, around a fire pit in our backyard, over steaming cups of coffee, daddy shared his favorite name: Mason Kate. Once he spoke those words, an excitement began to build in my heart. I knew that in a few short months I would meet the one and only Mason Kate.

Did you know that Mason means=works with stone? Little did we know that you would be an avid collector of stones, crystals and fossils. I might even say you are a tiny bit obsessed with stones:) I believe your name also represents the ROCK solid foundation of God's Word. I believe that you, Mason, will work with the stones of God's truth. You will be part of building God's church with these stones every where you go...even as a child.

God is going to use you build strength and truth into the lives of people but you must hide God's Word in your heart. This is the key to a ROCK solid foundation that will guide every decision you will make. You will bring God's sweet presence into the lives of many who's hearts are stone cold and resistant to a relationship with God. You, Mason, must guard your heart from bitterness, jealousy and rage. These things harden our hearts towards God. These things will poison a heart and the earlier they are welcomed into your hearts home the bigger the barrier between you and God. As you have seen dad toss stones from our garden's soil, you to must toss the ugly stones from your life. Make this a habit now while you are young.

Your middle name, Kate, means PURE. "Blessed are the PURE in heart for they will see God". My prayer for you is that in your childhood, your thoughts and actions would remain pure, which will GREATLY impact your ability for purity in adulthood. As your parents, we will do anything we can to help guard the precious gift of purity you have. We will be careful of what you see, hear and's our job. May you always know how much God loves you. He is always quick to forgive and answer us when we call out to Him. We are promised a way out when led into temptation.

Mason Kate, we are ALWAYS for you.


Your one, only, handpicked by God parents!