Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Almost Mother of Three

Lord it's me.
You know,
the woman who is about to be a mother to three.
We've come so far - You and me...
Fighting the fight to overcome insecurity.
Lord, just this week, I've taken a tumble.
My feet are moving so fast they easily stumble.
The mountain of expectations are so high...
The laundry room is scattered with clothes,
Both my girls have a runny nose,
Sticky fingerprints I find through the house,
If you look around I must be a slouch...Did you not see the
snot marks on my couch?
It seems the work is never completely done and surely there isn't time for Your Son.
The pressure is mounting,
No wonder my smiling lips are frowning.
Am I the woman You want me to be?
Are You sure about this almost mother of three?

Ahhhh, what's that Lord? Is it Your voice?
It's hard to hear for all the noise. So many opinions,
so many better than me. Especailly, those mommies who have at LEAST three.

The truth is, Stacy, there is none like you.
Quit your moping, you've got a job to do.
It is not the clean toilet others see that gets you closer to Me.
Surrender those thoughts about expectations and pressure -
My shoulders are big, yours are lesser.
Those little girls, snotty noses and all,
are blessings not curses especially when you fall.
Hold your head up, get your knees dirty,
embrace the woman I've made you, now that you are thirty.
We've come so far, you and ME.
My love for you sometimes you can't see.
Just look around, I AM is in your midst.
Even when you are moody and tift...
You are My beloved, You belong to Me.
There is no one else, there never could be-
For, You are THE Mother I've
hand picked for your bundle of three.