Friday, June 18, 2010

Catching Up!

Well, Summer is in full swing at our house. School is out. As a mother with outside commitments, the change in schedule has had its challenges. Ryan and I tag team the kiddos- when he's home I work, when I work he's home. Thank goodness this is only for a short season. It's hard to have a good solid relationship when you see each other in passing. The great thing about Ryan is that he knows I can't function successfully without time with him. This morning before work our day started with coffee on the front porch just as the sun was starting to rise. Not a bad start to a Friday.

Our daughter, Katelyn learned how to swim without floaties last week. It is amazing that it only took a few short lessons with Ryan before she got the hang of it. It was so clear to me the influence this man has in the lives of our children. I am so glad that he taught her to swim. It built such huge trust between Katelyn and Ryan. She learned that when daddy says, "I've got you", he really does. Her confidence and smile just beam from her like the rays of sunshine we've been blessed with.

Masie was baptised this month. Ryan and I waited about a year after she "believed the free gift of grace and forgiveness" was for her. There are two things that indicated to us an authentic personal relationship with Jesus - the first was unprompted repentance. Not just, "Don't come out of the room until you tell me you are sorry". I have been so blessed when my 7 yr old on her own approaches me with a repentant heart over a sin she has committed against me or another. I can't imagine how precious this is in the sight of the Lord. The other sign of her own walk with God, is her willingness to obey His voice. Many times, Masie has acted on "promptings"...speaking a blessing to someone, coloring a picture for a co-worker of mine going through a tough time, passing along a scripture, spending her toothfairy money on gumballs for everyone but herself. We have witnessed amazing growth, maturity and love in this child's life. It was with great pride and honor that Ryan baptised her with many others at our church picnic.

Our son Gunner, is 18 months old now. Time goes so quickly. This lil dude has amazing blue eyes and it is a good thing! He would get a lot more spankings if those eyes didn't pierce your soul every time you looked into them. He is a very mechanical child, not interested AT ALL in anything resembling a toy. He wants ballpoint pens to disassemble, remote controls to remove the batteries, water spickits to turn on and off, dog water bowls to stand in, tractor rides with Poppy, TV to turn on and off, toilets to flush who knows what, cabinets to hide his shoes in...anything but TOYS. He is funny, full of personality, a total flirt and has stolen our hearts. How is it that he knows how to be tough? How did he learn so quickly that pulling Katelyn's hair is a quick way to annoy and harm his sister? How does he know when to raid the doll house and throw all the doll furniture out of its tiny home? Gunner has made our life very interesting, tons of fun and a little exhausting to keep up with.

Recently, I got news of being accepted to attend a "Writers and Speakers" conference in Colorado. I am so excited to see how God uses this conference to give me vision for my future, encouragement for the day and strength for great improvements. Sally Clarkson will be leading it in her home. There will be 30 other women attending the conference. I've been praying for the person that I get to room with. Leaving your children for any length of time can be tough - even exhausting just working out the logistics. I know God has a plan and that His fingerprints can be found in the details (just look around). I am looking to prepare for the conference by cleaning house spiritually. Taking inventory so to speak of unconfessed sin, unproductive habits, and what is God saying to me through His Word. I am looking forward to sharing this with you in the next few weeks.

Summer always has a way of flying by. May we not let time pass too quickly through our busy hands. Take time to play, to take a nap, to finish a project, to read a book. My goal for tomorrow is that I would be intentional at least once to ask each child, "want to play".