Sunday, September 12, 2010

Katelyn Mae-It's her Birthday

Katelyn Mae is FOUR today

How blessed we are that

God sent her our way

September 12th, 2006

Not a drop of rain was in the weather mix

Drought was upon our land,

Rich soil turned to sand

On September 12th in a birthing room,

a little girl was born at almost noon.

With her delicate features, tears ran down my face

Out the window rain drops began to fall at tremendous pace.

God whispered a promise :

As rain refreshed the earth in drought

This child will refresh our lives, restore our souls

Sweet Katelyn Mae has fulfilled this without a doubt.

It is a curious thing to watch a child grow up.

From nursing and cooing

To snotty noses and ah ah chooing

Learning to crawl, to toddle a bit

I watch my four year old cartwheel and skip.

What glorious plans are in store

For our Katelyn Mae -even at four.

Is it possible to keep her at my knee

To tickle and giggle and curl her up next to me.

I know that one day she will be grown

A wife, children, a home of her own.

However, until that season

I will take the time to play, instruct and reason

Sing loudly, instruct gently and pray with out ceasing.

Lord, today on Katelyn's first day of four

Use me to introduce your Love like never before.

Prepare Katelyn's heart to make You her home.

Keep my feet home more often,

Let not these childhood moments be stolen or forgotten.

If and when the day gets dark

Let me remember the promise you brought

When Katelyn Mae was born

Restoration, refreshment,

Gentle words whisperd,

Her heart for reconciliation is not the norm.

Use her Lord as a lover of peace

May she impact all she meets with mercy

Even if it's in Greece!

Use her to fulfill your promise of refreshment

For the plans for Katelyn Mae are heaven sent.

Happy Birthday Kitten Kat Katie!