Friday, December 5, 2008

Princess Peace

When Katelyn was about 3months old, I was getting her out of my mom's bathtub and I felt the Lord whisper, "Stacy, this is your peace keeper". That has proven to be the truth. Katelyn can't stand conflict. She is so quick to say, "I sorry" or if something wrong has been done to her she says, "I be alright" or "it okay". She has better manners than most adults I know - mamam (yes mam), peeese and tankyou for thank you. When you lay her down for a nap she will ask, "Will you seep with me?". On occasion I will lay with her. She wraps her hands around my neck and squeezes with great enthusiasm. She takes the palm of her hand and strokes your face from your ear to your chin and whispers under her pacifier, "I wuv you". She cleans up her own messes, says, "i really sorry" if she spills something and has this great ability to make people laugh. Katelyn is great medicine for our souls even if you only take her in small doses.