Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miracle-Gro for the Soul

I would like to invite you to NWH United Methodist Church on Saturday May 9th at 1:30. I will be giving a talk to Mothers and Daughters (the age of the daughters is up to the mother's discrestion) called, Miracle-Gro for the Soul. Many of you may have heard me give this talk 6 years ago at the BRCC Ladies Retreat. When I said yes to this engagement, I thought, "piece of cake, I've got that talk on my computer." Several weeks later my computer crashed...

In my window sill right now are two bouquets of roses that were cut from the yard this week. I have maybe two more days to enjoy them before their stems get fuzzy and their petals darken and drop. No blossom lasts forever. However, that doesn't mean the plant they were cut from will not. While pruning our bed of Knockout roses I was reminded of why a gardener prunes. A gardener doesn't "cut back" to hurt the plant or because he is tired of looking at it's blooms. It is the opposite: the Gardener enjoys the blooms so much that He prunes the older blooms to make room for more new ones.

So often I have experienced God and significant growth takes place. My spiritual roots grow deeper and my life bears the blossoms of this growth. However, I have wondered why these blossoms don't last long. The petals of my good intentions fall to the ground. God whispered to me in the rose bed this week, "Those blossoms in your life were not meant to be lovingly looked at forever, I trim them back to make room for more. I dwell in the new growth." I believe my computer crashed for a reason. God doesn't want me to deliver a bouquet of roses from 6 years ago with slimy, fuzzy stems. The MASTER GARDENER has been at work and there are fresh flowers to be picked -species that I had not known before. Their aroma will strengthen the weak, draw close the weary and deepen the roots between mothers and daughters...including my own.

Miracle-Gro for the Soul

only you, God can make these hearts whole

Master Gardener walk with me

Fill me up, give me Your eyes to see

Bring the moms and their daughters, too

Show us what it means to walk with You.

The road is narrow, the passerby is few

Fill our lives with the fragrance and the freshness of dancing for You.

Prune us Lord - I know you must

For the buds of new growth are about to bust

Stir up the hearts, remove the stones

so Your princesses can receive their thrones

The mother/daughter tea is open to the public and free of charge. Hope to see you May 9th - God has fresh flowers being delivered with your name on them:)