Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gunner Tory Buck

Let me introduce you to my son, Gunner. He was born December 22, weighed 7.5 and was 20 inches. He has the softest hair, huge hands and is the best sleeper! He is loved by all of us and kissed all the time! His sisters are very gentle with him.
Gunner is almost 3 wks old and time has gone by so quickly. At his one week apt., he had gained an extra 5 oz. The only time he cries is when he gets his diaper changed or a bath. However, tonight was the first time he didn't cry during his bath. I am sure it was because his sister helped and talked baby talk to him the whole time. At the moment his eyes are crystal blue - we are not holding our breath that they will stay that way. My brown eyes are a powerful gene. There is nothing girly about our guy!
2009 has begun with huge changes in our family. We are complete - Masie, Katelyn, Gunner, Ryan and me! A family of five. We praise God for our children, their health and our marriage. I feel great and forget that I was pregnant just a few weeks ago and need to slow down. My health and energy are great gifts from God.
We are in LOVE!