Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up

Since my last blog, an entire summer has come and gone. Today a much needed breeze is blowing and the temperature outside hints that Fall is around the corner. This Summer was full of Summer things...sunscreen, bug spray, swimsuits, loads and loads of pool laundry, a sandy car from a weekend at the beach. Our beach trip in June wasn't what I would call a success. We stayed in an RV with my in-laws, whom I love, and two tired little girls. The first night Masie was crying that she wanted to go home, Katelyn locked us all out of the RV and was a nightmare to get to lay down and go to sleep. We ended up having a good time but returned looking dazed and confused. The next vacation we go on I have a feeling my in-laws will "have other plans:)" Bless them!

In July, I turned 30. Instead of a big bash I asked for a weekend away with Ryan. We went to Canyon Lake and stayed at a great Bed and Breakfast. That same week we had a sonogram telling us who we should be expecting in December. I refused all these months to entertain the idea of a son. We completely embraced with enthusiasm and joy the idea of three little girls. The morning of my sonogram I had a dream that I showed up at my Father-In-Law's work with blue balloons. I quickly dismissed the dream because I was not going to be disappointed when the Dr. told me we were having a girl. Well to our amazement, surprise and joy our little girl is in fact a little boy! Gunner Buck will be here a few days after Christmas.

Later that day, I was pondering the name Gunner. The image that kept coming to mind was of a little boy with blonde hair holding a large shield and dragging a heavy sword...then I discovered the meaning of Gunner is "Bold Warrior". We can't wait to meet him and know that our best dreams for him are nothing compared to the plans God has already laid for our son.

Katelyn, turned two on Friday, September 12th. If you ask her how old she is she will gladly hold up one finger and tell you, "I'm eight". She has her moments of tantrums and wanting things her way but she is quick to say, 'I sorry mama". She and Masie are sharing a room and it blesses me when I find them playing dress up or snuggled in bed together looking at a book. Katelyn is so funny - last night she said she had a booger on her finger then said 'jus joking'. She has added so much to our family - life without her would be dull and lacking in sunshine.

Masie Kate has turned out to be a great big sister and enjoys being the leader of our little flock. She told Katelyn lovingly that she would be spending time with the baby when he gets here so do not be sad. We started Kinder with her Sept 1st and are doing great. She is bright, articulate and creative. We've read great books this summer - the Narnia Series, Nancy Drew, and we just finished listening to Little Women - a 24 hr tape series that held her attention, captivated her imagination and inspired us to love wholesome girlhood and family! We are very proud of her and believe that with time her heart will continue to grow for God blessing all who cross her path.

Re-reading my last blog entry, I am confident that the last few months have been spent in the most meaningful way...the hearts of my family. Much growth has taken place and I look forward to a rich harvest that may be years and years away.

Many of you are wondering how my Father-In-Law is doing. The journey of Cancer has been a catalyst for spiritual growth in each member of our family - especially Ron's. It's amazing what a glimpse of the end of your life will do to the rest of your life. Ron is no longer taking chemo through IV but is taking it in pill form. The side effects have been minimal and his future looks very optimistic for him to be completely cancer free. We will have confirmation in another month or so that all is well. Thank you for your prayers...every one of them were heard!