Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Petals Missing

When I turned 18 Ryan gave me a poem for my birthday, "The White Rose". I won't share the whole poem but just a piece that God has been using to minister to me recently, "She is like the white rose with no petals missing. God has mended them back together. During my prayers He was listening." White roses have been a symbol that God has used to remind me of my salvation. The cleansing and healing that began when I said yes to Jesus' offer of a new start (1 Cor 5:17). I've been a Christian now for almost 12 years. To this day I can't pass up a white rose with out fondly remembering my first love Jesus and my second, Ryan the man who introduced me to Him.

Mother's Day, we stopped by Lowes for who knows what. The next thing I know, Ryan comes out of the garden center with 2 huge rolling tower carts loaded with Jackson and Perkins 5 gallon rose bushes. They were somewhat neglected but for the most part in decent condition. The manager wanted to make room for more inventory and sold each cart to us for $25.00. The bill was over $900.00 worth of roses that we got for $50.00. As we unloaded them onto our driveway God brought the "no petals missing" phrase to mind. I began to investigate each rose bush for color - we had every color you can think of - Veterans Honor(Red), Knock Out(Magenta), Tahitian Sunset(Peachy/Orange) - but there was one I had my eye out for. In the midst of a rainbow of colors there was ONE pure white rose bush. I was flooded with AWE as to how God reminded me on Mother's Day of my salvation, my new start, the changes in my heart. How different my life would be with out my God.

There would be petals missing. No healing. Broken. Misplaced. No joy. No peace. No freedom. Tainted love. Petals missing, gaping holes, wounds that wouldn't heal. No hope.

My husband has played such a HUGE role in taking me to God. For when I did not know God, Ryan prayed that his wife would. Ryan, though a sophomore in High School, prayed for his wife - not knowing her difficulty, shame or strife. No petals missing, thank God during his prayer's heaven was listening.

If you get to come our way
Notice the roses
Sit and stay
For my husband planted each one
He has praised God that I walk with the Son
No Petals Missing
My life full and complete
Fresh from our garden
Fragrance blooms
I thank God for my groom.

Two little girls, love to play
Come to me with petals they've picked that day
No Petals missing
My life full and complete
My husband, my friend,
You brought me to Jesus' feet.

Ryan, God hears your prayers!


Stephanie said...

How beautiful, Stacy! And what a grat post on this "My Husband Rocks" Friday!! (Check out my blog to see the new tradition started by a new blogging buddy... you should join the "club"!!)

Katy Lin :) said...

this is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing this!

Stacy's Dad said...

I hauled those roses and I know that you and Ryan will place them where they can show their beauty. Under you and Ryan's nurturing care, they will bloom just like your family has bloomed. Love - Dad

Eileen said...

OH that you two would pray for my wounded girl. You remember well, Stacy. Now as a mother you can imagine my yearning for her healing. I love love love your poem! Kiss Ryan for Mama Key.

raising charlies angels said...

Those "broken down" rose bushes are like our life without Christ. With Him, we can come alive, be reborn and have a fresh start, just as water and time spent pruning and caring for the roses will do for them. They will blossom into fragrant roses that put forth the fragrance of Christ in their season.

Staci said...

Stac, you got an award check it out!!!

love ya!!