Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Blues

Wow! Gunner is a month old now and time has flown by. He has the best "Baby Blue" eyes I've ever seen. Week number 3 was a roller coaster of emotions. I don't know how many of you moms have experienced "Baby Blues" but I have found out I'm not the only one. God bless my husband, children, extended family and close friends who endured the week of being REALLY grumpy. Okay grumpy is too nice a word - volcanic is a better discription. Moments away from spewing hot and harmful words on anyone in my path - crying rivers of tears over nothing. Several months ago God promptedme to meet with a seasoned mother of two (who are now grown). I never made a date with her until last week. I saw her at church and knew it was time. I met at Starbucks and cried my eyes out. She listened, offered great advise and was real about her own experiences of motherhood. The best part of the whole meeting was when her married daughter happened to walk in for her morning "fix" and painted a picture of hope for me. Our kids grow up (I don't mean this sarcastic;) - our labor for them is not in vein. Here was this beautiful young bride and fantastic grown daughter who serves the Lord and I am confident calls her mother "Blessed". She is who she is because of the incridible mother she has. Even though I did not order any coffee my cup overflowed with hope that I am not a crazy or bad mother but just a tired one. This friend's assignment for me was to get outside and enjoy the sites, sounds and sunshine. This was just one my meetings of the morning that had God's fingerprints all over it.

Next was my visit with Dr. Feinstein (she's the best). She walked in and said, "Oh my, this is the first time I've seen you that you aren't bouncing off the wall with energy". With that the tears began to flow. She spent over 30 min with me brainstorming a way out of the dark fog I was in. She basically spent her lunch hour with me listening and making me laugh. It's a priviledge to call her a friend. She said if "medication" isn't for you then you have to exercise. Exercise produces endorphins (God's happy pill) which I am in desperate need of.
When I got home from my morning of divine appointments, my husband and mother-in-law had cleaned the house and completed ALL the laundry. There is a GOD!

Another way God showed off was when Dr. Feinstein referred me to one of her friends who owns Caden Lane . She needed an infant boy model for her catalog, website and brochures. So Gunner and I got to spend the next morning OUTSIDE in Boerne with many other mommy and baby models getting photos taken. Katy took the photos I posted on this blog and was a big part of God's prescription of kicking the "Baby Blues" so I could enjoy my boy in blue! Katy the owner and designer of Caden Lane, was very down-to-earth but her stuff is out of this world adorable!
Well I've exercised 3 times this week and just got finished having a "trampoline date" with Katelyn. So does sunshine and exercise really work - you bet!

So to wrap all this up and to tie you in
God is not just our saviour He is our Friend.
He met me when I felt far away,
When my feet wanted to run and
My smile wouldn't stay.

Have you ever felt the same?
No need to worry - No need for shame.
God has a prescription that is not hard to swallow
He's got a plan you just need to follow.
Put on your sneakers, go for a walk
It sounds so easy but easy to balk.
God was faithful to send friends my way
They listened, encouraged and took my kids for the day.
I'm feeling better now I can hear God say:
"I've got your "blues" now embrace mine,
He's 4 weeks old and is going to be fine."

Thanks again for all the love this last month even when I wasn't all smiles.