Saturday, May 1, 2010


To all the mom's who attended the "Positive Parenting" talk today I want to tell you that I am praying for you! It was not by chance that our path crossed this morning. God has called You out in the most loving, non-condemning way. He wants to free you from guilt, shame and bring great sources of encouragement to your lives.


As these precious moms tuck their children in tonight and for the mother who wants to but can't, I ask that You would bless them with hope for tomorrow. I praise You that You are a God of second chances - You are so free and willing for us to have a "do over". Father, I ask that as these women lay their heads on their pillows tonight, they would rest well knowing that You came along side them today. Stir hope into their hearts. When they rise and greet their families in the morning, may You put a new song in their hearts. I ask Father, that You would allow the seeds of truth that were planted today take root. I ask that the cares of their world would not snatch the hope that You loving sowed into our lives today. Though, I didn't get to hug or meet each woman in that room today, I treasure that they are intimately known by You. Continue to light their step as they attempt to reach the hearts of their children.

Blessings to each of you!



Kim said...

I attended "positive parenting" and I really enjoyed it. I have 3 boys, 10months, 4yrs and 6yrs and a lot of times my days don't look so positive! I appreciated the tips; especially work a little- play a little and make the choice to rejoice! Thanks so much!
Kimberly Moffett

Ryanne said...

I was disappointed to miss out on this, but I wanted to thank you for inviting me because the invitation led me to your blog. I've really enjoyed reading your posts all the way back. I noticed you went for quite a stretch without posting and I want to encourage you to keep up with posting now that you're back in the swing. Last Sunday in service, I was feeling discouraged. My husband has been gone since January and I've been struggling to keep myself together with a new baby, a toddler who misses her daddy, selling our house and moving all on my own, and I often find myself frustrated, irritable, tired and just not who I want to be. When you walked in and sat down in the row before me, I thought to myself- how does she always look so happy, put together and she's always nothing but loving and patient with her kids- then you turned around and invited me to the positive parenting talk, as if to say "here, I'll show you". So, just wanted to say thanks for reaching out and sharing- even though I couldn't make it to the program, you were a blessing in my life this week :)

Amy T. S. said...

Yes, thank you so much for your Spirit-led words. I have had a much better week this week for several reasons. One is that I took to heart the Scripture about Satan being a roaring lion and how he is after Christian families to tear us apart. For that reason I have been a lot more vigilant this week about being prepared with Scripture before the kids wake up, and reviewing those verses (Proverbs) throughout the day.

Also, there have been several times this week where I could have acted out of anger and done some non-positive parenting, but instead chose to react differently - gracefully, with His help - and it did make a difference in our time together. Once I gave my oldest a hug when I could have given him a "yelling" and he said, "Mom, that makes me happy." Awww.