Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dear Readers, please listen to the advise given to me by a special woman who knows more grief than anyone should in this life time.

"There is never any thing your child can do that can't be forgiven. Don't give up on them!"

Lord, words I do not have
Prayers I know not how to pray
Answers to hard questions I don't know what to say
Heaven is a long time to wait
To see the one's we love at Heaven's gate.
In the mean time, until that glorious day comes
Renew. Revive. Reveal. Relieve.
Give this woman strength and courage to face another day
To ask for your guidance along the way
Show her what healing looks like
She longs to encourage others but isn't ready for the mike
Send her chosen people who will walk her to You
Only you know how to see her through
Free her from sorrow, deliver her from strife
You are her God, she is your girl
I know your hand is extended
May she take it and twirl
Dance over her. Sing her a new song.
When compared to eternity, time on earth isn't forever
Reunion won't be long....