Thursday, August 19, 2010

HIS sheep am i

Below is an excerpt from my quiet time this morning. It is an earnest cry of my heart to be found faithful.

The Good Shepherd:

Shouldn't Shepherds feed their sheep?

Destruction is certain for those who feed themselves but let their flocks go hungry.
The Good Shepherd, searches for the lost, tends to the sick, broken and bound. Ezekiel 34

FORGIVE me Lord for feeding myself, for getting fat and full
For sitting so comfortable.

YOU are The Good Shepherd and i am your sheep.
I can delight in your promises.
Your ways are not hard to keep.
Show me Lord your heart for your flock.
Teach me to fight and protect them from
The enemy who scoffs and mocks.

YOU are The Good Shepherd - Your sheep am i.
YOU searched for me when i was lost and alone.
YOU mended my heart and brought me into Your home.
YOU are The Good Shepherd who knows my name.
YOU will teach me your ways so i may shepherd the same.

Who are the sheep YOU are bringing to me?

Find me faithful to teach them to sing.
Find me faithful to teach them Holy toil.
Find me faithful to show them how to cultivate rich soil.

YOU are The Good Shepherd.
YOU are my King.
The sound of your voice I know
All i am, to YOU i bring.

Hope for restoration sounds too good to be true.
May I not grow weary in bringing this flock back to YOU.
YOU will lead me.
YOU will be my guide.
For i am Your sheep
Who walks by The Good Shepherd's side.


Jennifer said...

I've eagerly awaited your first post from being back! Praying about insight before reading Jeremiah...praying for you. Praying for us. Praying for creative ministry ideas and opportunities. Praying.

Monica said...

Hi Stacy! Your dad told me about your blog and I came for a visit. You have a new follower (me) now as I just love your uplifting messages.