Sunday, May 23, 2010

Date Night

Date Night - a highly coveted, often talked about, rarely scheduled and crucial to any relationship.
Last night, Ryan and I joined several other couples for a fantastic dinner at Fralo's in Leon Springs. We ordered the Pesto Chicken for an appetizer - we loved it! We ordered the Mediterranean Pizza (you can get the crust gluten free but we forgot to ask for that:). Since we were feeling a little spunky we ordered our pizza it with anchovies. I loved it but Ryan thought them to be too salty. The atmosphere was casual, the weather wasn't too hot, the music was current and not too loud. The overall feel of the place was "hip" felt cool no matter your age. The oak trees provided breeze and shade. We were a rowdy bunch and had the freedom to be.
Laughter is a powerful gift. Often, I find myself too serious, too deep and missing out on opportunities to laugh. Well, last night, I laughed until my abs were sore. I think I was just finally relaxed enough from a stressful week to let go a little. It helps that the crew we were with last night exude happiness in their own lives and each have such solid marriages.
Ryan and I have been really growing in the area of communication. I don't know about you but this is a really tricky area to master. I am so a talker and he is so a processor. This week, Ryan was intentional to sit on the couch with me and allow me to go through the details of my day, voice my frustrations and road blocks that are in the way of my personal goals. He allowed me the opportunity to be real, vulnerable and completely a woman. I can't tell you how much lighter and loved I felt after just a few minutes of having his undivided attention. God totally knew what He was doing hand picking this man for me. I do need a listener and a fixer. Ryan can make decisions easily because he sees things so black and white. I on the other hand have way too many emotions to process through before I can remotely see light at the end of the tunnel. So, when I need a short cut, I always go to him. He gets to the point and has a way of bringing me along in a gentle way.
It is so on our radar to make "date night" a regular part of our week. We do have 3 small children and just getting away is never easy. We want our marriage to continue to grow, flourish, thrive. We can't count on the blast we had together on our date last night to sustain us for the long haul. We have to keep adding wood to the fire to keep the flames of our relationship burning. We will make "couch time" precious, sunrise coffee on the front porch regular and wine by the creek often.
Date Night is an idea that is lovely and true
With out it, we find our self burned out and blue.
Show us how to find time to play
Flirt and be crazy in love with each passing day.
In our old age, with decades in the past
Date Night will surely make our love last.
Teach me to plan, to pursue this godly man
To laugh out loud and have him catch me if he can.
I am his beloved and he is my dude
May I speak gently, not so often and never rude.
Teach us to love, to dance each dance
To sit the next season out - not a chance.
Fan the flames, get the fire hot
For no other, we are not.
Share with me your favorite spots around town.